Journal Articles


Education and active labour market policy complementarities in promoting employment: Reinforcement, substitution and compensation 

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Social Policy & Administration, Online first.


Social investment as a conceptual framework for analysing well-being returns and reforms in 21st century welfare states

Hemerijck, Anton, Stefano Ronchi, and Ilze Plavgo (2022).

Socio-Economic Review, Online first.


Measuring returns on social investment beyond here-and-now redistribution: A commentary on Parolin and Van Lancker’s response article

Hemerijck, Anton and Ilze Plavgo (2021).

Journal of European Social Policy, 31(3), 309-320.


The Social Investment Litmus Test: Family Formation, Employment and Poverty

Plavgo, Ilze and Anton Hemerijck (2021).

Journal of European Social Policy, 31(3), 282–296.