Education-ALMP complementarity in promoting employment: article in Social Policy & Administration by Ilze Plavgo

The article “Education and active labour market policy complementarities in promoting employment: Reinforcement, substitution and compensation” by Ilze Plavgo was published in Social Policy & Administration on 10 January 2023. This article follows up on the call to study policy complementarities, focusing on the education-ALMP interplay. The contribution of this article is both theoretical and […]

SI as a framework for analysing well-being returns and reforms: Agenda-setting article in Socio-Economic Review

The article “Social investment as a conceptual framework for analysing well-being returns and reforms in 21st century welfare states” by Anton Hemerijck, Stefano Ronchi and Ilze Plavgo was recently published in Socio-Economic Review.  This agenda-setting journal article calls for a multi-disciplinary and multi-method re-engagement in welfare state research. It argues that a distributive approach does […]

Investing in families to improve fiscal sustainability: responsibility and responsiveness after Covid-19

The Italian newspaper “Domani” recently published a contribution by Anton Hemerijck and Jan Karremans discussing family policy investments in the Italian context, pointing out some key lessons we may want to consider to promote growth and budget sustainability. We share below a short synthesis of the piece. After the Great Recession, Italian politics has been […]